Most Caffeinated Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are specific types of beverages designed to provide a quick energy boost, often with caffeine as a key ingredient. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can help you feel more alert and awake. In energy drinks, caffeine is used to give you a quick boost of energy to help you stay awake and alert, especially when you're feeling tired or sluggish.

Note that energy drinks usually have more caffeine than other beverages like soda or tea. While a 12-ounce can of soda may have around 35 milligrams of caffeine, an energy drink can have much more, sometimes ranging from 80 to 150 milligrams or even more in a single can or bottle. This higher caffeine content is what makes energy drinks so effective at providing that quick energy boost.

It's important to use caution when consuming energy drinks. This is especially true if you are sensitive to caffeine or have health concerns. Too much caffeine can cause you to feel jittery, have an increased heart rate, and have trouble sleeping, among other side effects.

It's always a good idea to read the label and know how much caffeine you're consuming. This will help you stay safe and enjoy the benefits of energy drinks responsibly.

So, What Energy Drink Has the Most Caffeine?

Many energy drinks have a lot of caffeine packed into them, so it's essential to be cautious when you drink them. According to our database, the title for the energy drink with the most caffeine goes to Hyde Xtreme, which has a whopping 33.3 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce. So, if you decide to try it, be prepared for a strong energy boost, but always drink responsibly.

List of Most Caffeinated Energy Drinks

The list is organized based on how much caffeine is inside each can. If a can is smaller in size, it means that the caffeine is packed and more concentrated, making it stronger in terms of caffeine content.

List of Most Caffeinated Energy Drinks

View Drink/Name Caffeine Serving Size
hyde-xtreme Hyde Xtreme 400 12 oz
breinfuel BreinFuel 360 12 oz
loud-energy-drink Loud Energy Drink 320 16 oz
adrenaline-shoc Adrenaline Shoc 300 16 oz
bang-energy Bang Energy 300 16 oz
bang-keto-coffee Bang Keto Coffee 300 16 oz
bang-sweet-tea Bang Sweet Tea 300 16 oz
c4-ultimate-energy-drink C4 Ultimate Energy Drink 300 16 oz
celsius-heat-energy-drink Celsius Heat Energy Drink 300 16 oz
go-fast-high-octane-energy-drink Go Fast High Octane Energy Drink 300 16 oz
liquid-help-energy-drink Liquid Help Energy Drink 300 16 oz
redline-princess Redline Princess 300 8 oz
rockstar-thermo Rockstar Thermo 300 16 oz
cocaine-energy-drink Cocaine Energy Drink 280 12 oz
bang-natural Bang Natural 250 16 oz
levlup-gaming-booster LevlUp Gaming Booster 250 16.91 oz
3d-energy-drink 3D Energy Drink 200 16 oz
alani-nu-energy-drink Alani Nu Energy Drink 200 12 oz
amino-force-energy-drink Amino Force Energy Drink 200 22 oz
berzerk-energy-drink-mix Berzerk Energy Drink Mix 200 16 oz
c4-energy-drink C4 Energy Drink 200 16 oz
c4-on-the-go C4 On The Go 200 12 oz
c4-smart-energy-drink C4 Smart Energy Drink 200 16 oz
celsius-energy-drink Celsius Energy Drink 200 12 oz
celsius-stevia Celsius Stevia 200 12 oz
crunk-energy-drink Crunk Energy Drink 192 16 oz
wired-x-3000-energy-drink Wired X 3000 Energy Drink 185 16 oz
nocco-energy-drink-eu NOCCO Energy Drink (EU) 180 11.17 oz
beaver-buzz-energy-drink Beaver Buzz Energy Drink 178 16 oz
pure-cofain-699-eu Pure Cofain 699 (EU) 175 8.46 oz
4c-energy-drink-mix 4C Energy Drink Mix 170 16.9 oz
be-beyond-energy-drink BE Beyond Energy Drink 160 12 oz
demon-energy-drink Demon Energy Drink 160 16.91 oz
monster-mule Monster Mule 160 16 oz
red-devil-energy-drink Red Devil Energy Drink 160 16 oz
rockstar-sugar-free Rockstar Sugar Free 160 16 oz
ugly-energy-water Ugly Energy Water 160 16 oz
muscle-monster Muscle Monster 157 15 oz
live-energy-drink Live+ Energy Drink 150 16.9 oz
runa Runa 150 12 oz
monster-lo-carb Monster Lo-Carb 140 16 oz
zest-sparkling-tea Zest Sparkling Tea 135 12 oz
arizona-energy-drink-rx Arizona Energy Drink Rx 127 11.5 oz
lyft-energy-mix LYFT Energy Mix 125 8 oz
abb-turbo-tea-zero ABB Turbo Tea Zero 120 18 oz
advocare-slim Advocare Slim 120 8 oz
best-choice-strawberry-energy-drink-mix Best Choice Strawberry Energy Drink Mix 120 8 oz
bing-energy-drink Bing Energy Drink 120 12 oz
rootjack-caffeinated-pirate-root-beer RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer 120 12 oz
usana-rev3-energy-drink USANA Rev3 Energy Drink 120 12 oz
fakeer-energy-drink-eu Fakeer Energy Drink (EU) 118 12.52 oz
coca-cola-energy Coca-Cola Energy 114 12 oz
dark-dog-organic-energy Dark Dog Organic Energy 114 12 oz
burn-energy-drink Burn Energy Drink 112 12 oz
bai-boost Bai Boost 110 11.47 oz
mati-energy-drink MATI Energy Drink 110 12 oz
carabao-energy-drink-uk Carabao Energy Drink (UK) 106 11.16 oz
red-eye-energy-drink Red Eye Energy Drink 106 11.1 oz
alsa-energy-drink-mix Alsa Energy Drink Mix 100 16 oz
amin-o-energy-drink AMIN.O. Energy Drink 100 12 oz
axio-energy-drink-mix AXIO Energy Drink Mix 100 12 oz
bodyarmour-edge Bodyarmour Edge 100 20 oz
club-mate-eu Club Mate (EU) 100 16.91 oz
enerbee-energy-drink EnerBee Energy Drink 100 12 oz
go-girl-energy-drink Go Girl Energy Drink 100 12 oz
java-kick-coffee-cola Java Kick Coffee Cola 100 12 oz
oikos-pro-fuel Oikos Pro Fuel 100 10 oz
soylent-stacked Soylent Stacked 100 11.16 oz
steaz-energy Steaz Energy 100 12 oz
t-virus-antidote T-Virus Antidote 100 12 oz
wired-x-berry-rush Wired X Berry Rush 95 16 oz
quake-energy-berry-blast-slurpee Quake Energy Berry Blast Slurpee 92 16 oz
berocca Berocca 90 8 oz
cintron-energy-drink Cintron Energy Drink 85 8.4 oz
28-black-energy-drink 28 Black Energy Drink 80 8.46 oz
beebad-energy-drink BEEBAD Energy Drink 80 8.46 oz
blu-frog-energy-drink Blu Frog Energy Drink 80 8.46 oz
blue-bolt-uk Blue Bolt (UK) 80 8.46 oz
blue-charge-uk Blue Charge (UK) 80 8.46 oz
bomb-energy-drink Bomb Energy Drink 80 8.46 oz
bomba-eu Bomba (EU) 80 8.4 oz
boost-energy-uk Boost Energy (UK) 80 8.46 oz
crave-energy-drink-uk Crave Energy Drink (UK) 80 8.43 oz
euro-shopper-energy-drink-eu Euro Shopper Energy Drink (EU) 80 8.46 oz
hell-energy-drink-eu Hell Energy Drink (EU) 80 8.46 oz
ok-energy-drink OK Energy Drink 80 8.45 oz
rockstar-unplugged Rockstar Unplugged 80 8 oz
scheckters-energy-drink Scheckters Energy Drink 80 8.46 oz
slammers-energy-drink-eu Slammers Energy Drink (EU) 80 8.46 oz
source-1899-uk Source 1899 (UK) 80 8.46 oz
tiger-energy-drink Tiger Energy Drink 80 8.46 oz
virtue-clean-energy-beverage Virtue Clean Energy Beverage 80 8.46 oz
wildcat-energy-drink-uk Wildcat Energy Drink (UK) 80 8.46 oz
x-ray-energy-drink X Ray Energy Drink 79 8.46 oz
roaring-lion-energy-drink Roaring Lion Energy Drink 77 8 oz
all-in-energy-drink ALL IN Energy Drink 75 12 oz
blue-spark-uk Blue Spark (UK) 75 8.46 oz
4-purpose-energy-drink 4 Purpose Energy Drink 70 8.46 oz
cran-energy-juice Cran Energy Juice 70 10 oz
crystal-light-energy-mix Crystal Light Energy Mix 60 16 oz