Curious about caffeine in soda? (Sorted by the amount of caffeine)

We've gone through our extensive caffeine database. We've carefully hand-picked a list of the most caffeinated sodas you can find. You may wonder why we have done so. Well, it's simple. People have different tastes when it comes to their soda. Some people like that extra caffeine kick for a quick energy boost, or a zesty flavor that wakes them up.

Our goal is to help you find the sodas that will give you that extra caffeine buzz without sacrificing the great taste that you have come to expect from your favorite fizzy drinks. Each of the sodas on our list not only packs a caffeine punch but also delivers an exceptional taste that can be enjoyed by soda lovers of all ages.

So, whether you're a soda aficionado or just someone who's curious about high-caffeine sodas, our list is your go-to guide to finding the perfect fizzy companion to perk up your day.

Does soda have caffeine?

Soft drinks have caffeine to boost their taste. It adds flavor and sometimes makes them taste sweeter. The caffeine amount differs between drinks. A 12-ounce soda can has roughly 35 milligrams, while coffee of the same size has about 100 milligrams. Energy drinks contain about 80-150 milligrams in one can or bottle.

Identifying the Soda with the Most Caffeine!

Looking at the table provided, it's clear that Bawls takes the lead when it comes to the caffeine content in the USA market, having 6.4 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce. Across the pond in Europe, Fritz Kola emerges as a standout, offering a caffeine punch of 7.4 milligrams per fluid ounce.

List of Most Caffeinated Soft Drinks

View Drink/Name Caffeine Serving Size
bawls Bawls 102 16 oz
premium-cola-eu Premium Cola (EU) 83 11.16 oz
afri-cola Afri Cola 83 11.16 oz
coca-cola-with-coffee Coca-Cola With Coffee 69 12 oz
mountain-dew-major-melon Mountain Dew Major Melon 55 12 oz
diet-mountain-dew Diet Mountain Dew 54 12 oz
diet-rc-cola Diet RC Cola 48 12 oz
cheerwine Cheerwine 47 12 oz
diet-cheerwine Diet Cheerwine 47 12 oz
diet-coke-with-splenda Diet Coke with Splenda 46 12 oz
diet-coke Diet Coke 46 12 oz
pepsi-max-uk Pepsi Max (UK) 43 11.16 oz
shasta-cola Shasta Cola 43 12 oz
diet-dr-pepper Diet Dr Pepper 41 12 oz
pepsi-made-with-sugar Pepsi Made With Sugar 38 12 oz
diet-pepsi-wild-cherry Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry 38 12 oz
pepsi-wild-cherry Pepsi Wild Cherry 38 12 oz
ale-8-1 Ale 8 1 37 12 oz
green-cola Green Cola 37 12 oz
double-cola Double Cola 36 12 oz
diet-pepsi Diet Pepsi 35 12 oz
vanilla-coke Vanilla Coke 34 12 oz
big-red-soda Big Red Soda 34 12 oz
cherry-coke Cherry Coke 34 12 oz
orange-vanilla-coke Orange Vanilla Coke 34 12 oz
coke-zero-sugar Coke Zero Sugar 34 12 oz
coca-cola-classic Coca-Cola Classic 34 12 oz
vanilla-coke-zero Vanilla Coke Zero 34 12 oz
cherry-coke-zero-sugar Cherry Coke Zero Sugar 34 12 oz
barqs-root-beer Barqs Root Beer 22 12 oz
pc-cola-diet PC Cola Diet 13 12 oz
pc-cola PC Cola 12 12 oz
ritz-cola Ritz Cola 10 12 oz
canada-dry-green-tea-ginger-ale Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale 9 12 oz
boost-nutritional-drink Boost Nutritional Drink 5 8 oz
sprecher-cherry-cola Sprecher Cherry Cola 0 16 oz
a-w-root-beer A&W Root Beer 0 12 oz
sarsaparilla Sarsaparilla 0 12 oz
a-w-cream-soda A&W Cream Soda 0 12 oz
orange-crush Orange Crush 0 12 oz
sprite Sprite 0 12 oz
squirt-soda Squirt Soda 0 12 oz
7-up 7-Up 0 12 oz
a-w-zero-sugar-cream-soda A&W Zero Sugar Cream Soda 0 12 oz
pepsi-caffeine-free Pepsi Caffeine Free 0 12 oz
mucho-mango-energy-drink Mucho Mango Energy Drink 0 8 oz
barqs-red-creme-soda Barqs Red Creme Soda 0 12 oz
fresca Fresca 0 12 oz
fanta Fanta 0 12 oz
diet-barqs-root-beer Diet Barqs Root Beer 0 12 oz
coca-cola-caffeine-free Coca-Cola Caffeine Free 0 12 oz